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Individual diagnosis and planning of treatment-3 days

Sambahana-massage (1time)

Abyanga- (2 times)

Abyanga can be defined as the procedure of application of snehana dravya(medicated oil)over the body with mild Pressure. The person is made to sit on the abyanga table with leg extended. The oil is to be heated to optimum comfortable Temperature and applied over the head and soles of feet.

Shirodara- (1 time)

Shirodara is a type of Murdha Thaila(application of oil to the head/scalp), in which prescribed medicated oil /liquid is Continuously poured over the forehead and then allowed to flow Over the scalp from a specific height for a certain period of time.

Pinda sweda – (1 time)

A gentle massage of the body of the body utilizing bags filled with herbs, imbued with essential oils, and medicinal mixes.

Awagaha sweda – (1 times)

Awagaha sweda is a type of swedana (sudation) in which the patient made to sit/lie in a tab containing medicated decoction for a certain period of time so as to give fomentation to the body.

Waspa swedas (steam bath)- (1 time)

This is a kind of sudation by which medicated steam is applied to the patient’s body for a certain period of time to get . It removes stiffness, heaviness and coldness form the body. For this purpose Washpa sweda yantra (A steam bath chamber) is enquired. Medicinal herbs/decoction is kept boiling in the Waspa sweda yantra from where the steam is generated and applied all over the body or any specific part through a tube or pipe. The patient is advised to lie down inside the steam chamber after massage with warm oil (20 -22 C). A thick cotton sheet may be used to cover the body to get proper perspiration.

Shiro Abyanga –Head Massage- (1 time)

Stress relieving treatment programmes in 7 Days

External Treatments
  • Sambahan – 3 Time
  • Shirodhara – 2 Times
  • Herbal Head Pack – 1 Time
  • Herbal Head Massage – 3 Time
  • Herbal Body wraps – 2 Time
  • Herbal Bath – 2 Time
  • Meditation – 01 Time
  • Music Therapy
  • Ayurweda Diet – 2 Time
  • Free Consultation

14 days Rejuvenation Programme

  • Panchakarma Treatments
  • Sambahana – 6 Time
  • Beauty Treatments – 1 Time
  • Herbal Body wraps -3 Time
  • ksheradhara Treatments – 1Time
  • Herbal Bath – 4 Time
  • Yoga Meditation – 4 Time
  • Ayurvedic Diet – 5 Time
  • Free Consultation

21 days Programme

  • Panchakarma Treatments
  • Sambahan – 10 Time
  • Beauty Treatments – 2 Time
  • Facial Treatments – 1 Time
  • Herbal Beauty wraps – 5 Time
  • Udwarthana – 2 Time
  • Pinda sweda – 3 Time
  • Herbal Bath – 6 Time
  • Ksheradhara Treatments – 2 Time
  • Yoga Meditation – 7 Time
  • Music Therapy
  • Special Ayurvedic diet – 7 Time
  • Free Consultation